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The Story, Cast and Crew

Shocking News! Shakespeare Turns In His Grave!

Don't miss this sensational and hilarious live tabloid documentary exposing the real events that history has diluted down into the story of HAMLET. Our own reporter will reveal the cruel conspiracy that decimated the Danish court.

Eight actors play over 20 characters to bring the appalling truth to light at last! Tarry no longer in ignorance! You deserve to know the truth!

THE ELSINORE DIARIES was a huge hit when it premiered at the Seattle Fringe Festival in 2003. We now present the uncensored, unexpurgated director's cut for your enlightenment and edification. The truth will out! Don't be the last to know!

In the spirit of a bastard child of the RSC and This is Spinal Tap,
One Lump or Two in association with
Harlequin Productions

The Elsinore Diaries

Daniel Flint, Frank Lawler and Jason Marr


Machelle Allman Casey Brown Daniel Flint Frank Lawler
Jimmy Gilletti Kevin Hyatt Sarah Lesley

Director: Scot Whitney ∑ Stage Manager: Gina Salerno
Sound Designer:
Keith Jewell ∑ Costume Designer: Emilie Broughton
A/V Designer: Jill Carter ∑ Set Designer:
Daniel Flint

Reviews and Articles

  • In the Seattle Stranger, Pike Place Market spiritual counselor Darleen Christopher consulted her tarot deck in a predictive review of the Fringe shows.  The Elsinore Diaries "drew the chariot card, which suggests it moves quickly, and with a lot of wisdom. This one's going places - with or without the press!"

Press Photos

Click to enlarge. Except as noted, all photos by Jill Carter.

Kevin Hyatt and Jimmy Gilletti
as the Pirates.
Photo by Frank Lawler

Jimmy Gilletti as Osric

Jimmy Gilletti as Osric

Frank Lawler as The Player King

Daniel Flint as Horatio

Frank Lawler as Claudius; Machelle Allman as Gertrude

Frank Lawler as Claudius; Machelle Allman as Gertrude

Frank Lawler as Claudius; Machelle Allman as Gertrude

Sarah Lesley as Ophelia

Casey Brown as Fortinbras

Click here for photos from the 2003 production. 


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